Original Medicare




  • Part A is Free if you qualify for



  • Part B is NOT Free.
  • Sign up through SS.
  • 2019 Part B - Premium $135.50 mo. (depending on income) higher for 85K / 170K


  • Original Medicare is 80% - 20%
  • They pay 80%, You pay @20% and there is NO LIMIT on how much you will pay.

Staying ONLY Original Medicare can lead to serious Medical Bills and can put you in finnaical harm

Hospital Bill comes to $100,000. You pay 20%. ($20,000 ! )

There are 2 Options to supplement the 20% Medicare doesn’t pay...


Option #1

Medicare Supplement

Real name is MEDIGAP PLAN

  • Plans through Private Insurance Companies
  • Plans are Regulated by the Federal Gov’t.
  • All benefits the same with each company, they set their own prices.
  • Prices are aged-based. (Will increase with age.)
  • Average cost for T65. Plan G - average $120 mo.


Option #2

Medicare Advantage

  • Plans through Private Insurance Companies
  • Replaces Original Medicare Part A & B.
  • Includes ALL of Part A and Part B.
  • Typically offers extra benefits Original Medicare doesn’t cover.
  • Prescription Drug Plan built into it.


  • $0 monthly premium plans, + Co-Pays.
  • There is a MAX OUT OF POCKET per year. Very few ever hit it…
  • Not all plans are created equal. We go through EVERY plan and know what plan is good for that year. Really need to pay attention to Networks!
  • No Charge for Preventive Care Screenings
  • If you travel, Emergency room and Urgent Care is covered.
  • Covers lot of benefits Medicare Does not. Medicare does not Cover: Preventative Dental & Vision, Hearing Aids, Chiropractors, Silver Sneakers, Routine Foot Care, etc...


Part D Prescription Drug

  • Plans through Private Insurance Companies.
  • National Average cost is $35 mo. Plus co-pay’s for your drugs.

If you do not get a Part D Plan when you first go on Medicare and you need one years later, You will incur a LIFETIME PENALTY for the rest of your life.

  • To qualify for Extra Help, your annual income must be limited to $18,210 for an individual or $24,690 for a married couple living together. (2018)