Our Medicare Planning Team

Our Trusted Advisors have 50 years of experience working with Medicare.

Every client gets a Personalized Special Report, “Your Medicare Road Map”. Tips on helping you cruise through the year with Medicare and your Health Plan. Get Yours Today!

Chris Curtis
Co-Founder & CEO

Jody Curtis
Co-Founder & CFO

Jim Spalding
Co-Founder & President



We do the Homework for you...

✔ We take out the confusion and frustration of Medicare for people trying to plan.

✔ No more reading the "Medicare & You" book every year. No more trying to compare plans and understand all the issues that come with finding the right plan. We do the Homework for you.

✔ Every year we spend hours working comparing each plan in your area to determine which ones are the best for that year. We know who has the best networks and who to stay away from.

✔ You could be Turning 65, just retiring, or going on Medicare because of Social Security Disability. No matter what your situation is, we have handled it and understand the issues and questions that need to be asked to put you on the best plan for YOU!